Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Adonis Golden Ratio Review

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a program designed for men of any age, shape and size who want to take their physique up to the next level. This program provides a comprehensive guide to achieving a ripped and lean body through workout guides, nutrition plans, and other lifestyle advice to completely change your figure. What can you expect from this Adonis Golden Body ratio review you might ask?golden ratio review

In this review the entire program is broken down from top to bottom. The critical details of the program are outlined below that will give you a complete understanding of what you will be getting into with this program. By the end of this Adonis Golden Ratio review you will understand what you will be getting out of the program and its worth.

The Claim: What Is The Adonis Golden Ratio All About

The Adonis Golden Ratio index is built around a concept that goes back to ancient times.

Humans have the natural ability to identify beauty intuitively. Let me explain… people can golden ratio reviewrecognize something that is aesthetically pleasing such as a building, an object in nature, or a piece of art based on the proportions of that particular object. Its not something that human beings actively have to search and analyze to identify… when you simply see an object with the correct proportions you just know.

This phenomenon however has been studied and it is well known today that there are specific ratios and configurations that make up this natural beauty that we are all drawn to. Of course these ratios and dimensions are not anything discovered recently….

The ancient Greeks and Romans were among the first people to boil these proportions down to adonis ratioa science. In the process, they began creating their sculptures and other works of art based on these eye pleasing proportions.

The Greeks knew best what the perfect proportions of muscle and build are on a man. For centuries they had perfected the art of sculpting man in his most ideal and pleasing image that demands authority, dominance, and sex appeal. This appeal to this body image is one that transcends into our modern society today.

Today, the Adonis golden ratio builds off of this concept of the ideal body. The entire program is centered around the most effective exercises and routines that will create for you the ideal body the ancient Greeks envisioned.


Who is Brad Pilon and John Barban?

Brad Pilon and John Barban are the authors of of the Adonis golden ratio. They are both dubbed well known experts in the fitness and body building industry.adonis

Brad Pilon, well known for his famous book eat stop eat (AFFILIATE LINK BOIII) is a pioneer in the intermittent fasting methodology for body building and weight loss. A true leader in his field, Brad has done extensive research in the science of muscle building and has channeled his widely renown expertise into the Adonis Golden Ratio.

John Barban is also a modern fitness professional, as well as a widely renown expert in nutrition. As a body builder himself, John is an active strength and conditioning trainer that knows first hand the challenges that come with body building and losing weight. Furthermore John as well has provided much of his knowledge and expertise that he has acquired over the years into his product.

How Can You Benefit From The Adonis Golden Ratio

John Barban talks about the system here…

As mentioned before the Adonis golden ratio capitalizes on the mathematical principal that applies to the law of attraction. The golden ratio (1 to 1.618) is a metric that is found in nature everywhere including your body. For example the distance from your head to your feet is 1.618 the distance from your head to your elbow.

Of course you can not really change the proportion in the example cited above. However there are other proportions and ratios that you can influence such as shoulder width, arm size, waste width, ect. The ultimate purpose of the book is to help you achieve these perfect body proportions that are the epitome of a dominant male figure.adonis golden ratio review

As listed in the  book, there are many benefits to achieving this highly attractive figure. Only a few are listed below…

  • Boosted confidence
  • Easier ability to get the job you want
  • Being naturally attracting to women
  • Being treated with authority

Who can benefit from this program?

The Adonis golden ratio program works for any age, size and shape. Of course when it comes to choosing workouts, one shoe does not fit all. As a result, there are three Adonis index programs that you can choose to follow based on who you are and what you look like.

The Three Programs

  1. Burn– The purpose of the burn program is to help those who are overweight and simply want to burn fat. This program is designed to help people burn huge amounts of fat as fast as possible in order to get their bodies back into shape. Keep in mind that this particular program is not recommended for anyone who is not overweight or doesn’t have a high fat percentage.
  2. Build– The purpose of the build program is to put on as much muscle buildmuscle as possible. This program is centered around high caloric intake and strategic workout regiments. By following this program you will be able to put on significant size but at the same time keep the fat gain minimal. Keep in mind however that this particular program is designed for those who don’t have too much fat on their bodies to begin with.
  3. Build and Burn– This particular program is for those who want to get the best of both worlds. By following the build and burn program you will be able to pack on lean muscle at a relatively slow pace but at the same time melt away a few pounds of stubborn fat. However, keep in mind that this is a more gradual process and that you wont be able to put on as much muscle as you would if you were to follow the build program.

So how does it work?

The Adonis golden ratio provides you with information about how to achieve your goals through specific workout routines and dieting specifically designed for your build.

What body type are you?

body typeThe Adonis golden ratio comes with a software that determines how you need to develop your specific body to meet the goal of achieving ideal proportions. You simply need to plug in your height, weight, and waist measurements into the program to determine your plan of action.

Once you plug in your measurements you will then be able to know which program is best for your ultimate goal.

Typically people fall more into the build and burn call to action. Of course if you are morbidly obese or extremely skinny, your situation would be different.

The Workout Manual

For every program within the Adonis Golden Ratio, whether it be the burn program, the build program, or the build and burn program, there are the same components

  • A weight lifting workout to do 4 days a week
  • A cardio workout to do 2 days a week
  • Detailed instruction on how you should follow through with the exercises based on which program you fit into
  • A section that outlines the specific exercises to do in each workout
  • An outline of the different cycles you should follow (growth and cutting cycles)
The Diet Guide

For each workout there is a specific diet outlined that caters to your specific goal.

adonis dietThe first part of the diet guide outlines a complete week by week meal plan. Included is a list of 56 different menus for each and every day. Although these diets are relatively straight forward and easy to follow, the authors always like to mix up the different recipes so that you don’t get tired of the same style of food.

In order to prepare these foods according to the recipes the program outlines a shopping list that includes every ingredient needed to cook these various meals.

The Supplementation Guide

This section goes into the various supplements that you can take that can aid you in either burning fat or gaining muscle depending on which program you are moving forward with.

However, keep in mind that supplements do not make too much of a difference if you  don’t have a strong diet to begin with. If you are struggling with keeping on top of the diet I would advise that you stay away from this section until later.


More Information

Given that all the workouts and nutrition plans are backed by extensive research this section provides additional information on the theories behind exercises and diet plans among other things. Listed below are just a few of the topics.

  • Appetite hormones and how various foods affect them
  • The effect of glucagon and insulin
  • How various nutrients and vitamins are digested and how they play a role in your health

Pros- Adonis Golden Ratio Review

  • Not only is the dieting and workout schedule comprehensive but it is boiled down to an exact check markscience based on your unique measurements
  • Extremely extensive meal plan. With the sheer number of recipes you can use, you will never get tired of the meal options
  • The program is extremely thorough in explaining all the details that make up the diet and nutrition plan.
  • Most importantly, the program produces results. If you follow the program closely and put in the effort you most certainly will see dramatic changes in your body

Cons- Adonis Golden Ratio Review

  • The program may not seem intuitive at first. There are a couple of moving parts to this which x markdoes set it apart from other programs. You do get a plan that fits your body type well, however the downside is that is appears a bit complicated at first
  • The supplemental program, while extremely detailed is not completely necessary. Some of the supplements outlined as well should be researched before to determine if they are actually worth the money for you
  • The focus of the program is primarily on the upper body. While this is part of the body is what is most eye popping to most, the lower body is equally important.
  • The program, while effective does take effort and discipline. There is no such thing as a magic bullet


The Adonis golden ratio provides a complete 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you order the program and you aren’t completely happy with what it provides for whatever reason you get a full refund with no questions asked. Simply just shoot customer service an email and they will promptly issue the refund within 48 hours.


All in all for the money that you pay for a complete program like this, you get a whole lot of a ok quality information. For anyone who is looking for an effective program that is proven to produce stellar results when implemented correctly, the adonis golden ratio program is a fantastic resource. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to take their game up to the next level.


Thanks for reading my Adonis Golden Ratio review- I hope it was of help!